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Snippets + Max size

By ingo
Please add two features:

- snippets

- max clipboard history size (so that older items are deleted automatically)


By Davi
Please an application for windows 8


By Phillip Gruneich
If you're going to introduce a good url scheme from a clipboard manager, add x-callback-url. How many times I had to bounce back and forth from my clipboard manager, double tapping the home button. Two schemes are necessary: one to open the app and insert current clipboard and then return; and another one to open the app, let the user select an item before bouncing back to the previous app.



Drafts recently added a [selection] tag, which grabs the selected string and does something. That's kinda useless unless you consider it is one less tap from the long supported [clipboard] tag. Being able to bounce back and forth from a clipboard manager would definitely make this one useful.

URL Scheme Support

By Mrtsan
Please URL Scheme Support.

Cloud Clipboard for iPhone/iPad
These URL Scheme does not work.
When invoked from this URL Scheme, then worked very slow.