GoDocs Videos

Stream, download and watch
videos from Google Drive

GoDocs Videos on the App Store.

Stream Videos

GoDocs Videos lets you wirelessly stream what’s on your Google Drive to your iPhone or any AirPlay-enabled device. Just select any video and it begins playing right away.

Download for Offline

Internet outages and long plane rides shouldn't prevent you from watching your favorite movie. Save videos for offline access so that the next time you're offline you'll still be able to watch them.

Share with Google Drive

Share with anyone in the world with Google Drive sharing. Allow people to comment on videos, invite others and annotate the captions.

Any Format Supported

With most video format supported, you can use Google Drive as your video converter. There is no hassle in uploading a video in ".avi" and streaming it to your iPhone.

HD and SD Quality

From 1080p to 240p. Any video automatically scales to the resolution, that best suits your current internet connection. As well, you can manually set it both for streaming and downloading.

Upload from Camera Roll

GoDocs Videos can upload your videos from Camera Roll for Google Drive, so you will be able to watch them, when you are next to your desktop.

Open Videos in Other Apps

All downloaded videos can now be open in other applications. This opens a wider range of possibilities for your videos.

State Restoration

With advanced state saving built-in - the app will open exactly at the same point, you've left it. Continue watching your favorite videos, even after long interruption.

Advanced Video Player

Beautifully designed from the ground up. Our Custom Video Player delivers the best watching experience. Rotate to watch in landscape, pinch to go fullscreen and double-tap to zoom in and out.