GoDocs Photos

Keep your photos in sync

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Automatic Camera Uploads

With Auto-Upload, the photos you take with your phone will be automatically uploaded to Google Drive — meaning they'll be safely backed up and viewable anywhere.

No Duplicates

GoDocs Photos is smart about importing your photos. It will only upload photos that are not already present on Google Drive. No matter how they got there.

Upload Wirelessly

No more hassle on connecting your phone to a desktop and importing photos manually. Everything is uploaded wirelessly straight from your phone.

Cleanup iPhone Storage

Your photos that are present on Google Drive, can be safely removed and shouldn't consume the precious disk space.

View All Your Photos

Beautiful and robust viewing is one of the core experiences of GoDocs Photos. All your photos, from all folders, are placed on a smart grid and grouped by the date they were taken.

Share with Google Drive

Share with anyone in the world with Google Drive sharing. Allow people to comment on photos, invite others and annotate the pieces.